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Peyronies Treatment

Peyronies is a disease that causes an unnatural curvature of the penis, which is especially pronounced during erection. It is caused either by a tissue disorder, a build up on one side of the penis of non-Cholesterol related plaque, or by a groin injury.

While Peyronies can affect men of any age, it usually starts about age 55. It starts as deep scar tissue located within the tunica albuginea of the shaft of the penis and, left untreated, can lead to erectile dysfunction. Contributing factors include: age which causes diminished penile elasticity, family heredity, and conditions involving hardened tissues such as on the hands and feet.

peyronies treatmentThe physical challenges and psychological effects from having a bent penis can curtail sexual activity, degrading morale in the male partner and cause frustration in his partner. Sexual activity can be painful for both.

There are many largely discredited approaches to helping correct Peyronies: secret herbal concoctions or painful mechanical stretching devices designed to reshape the penis. More recently, invasive surgery has used resulting in yet more scar tissue which, in the long term, exacerbates the condition. The costs can be exorbitant and the results disappointing. There is a better way.

Cambridge Medical Clinic is staffed with medical doctors who are experts in the field of men’s sexual health. Cambridge has a new Peyronies treatment product that breaks down the painful build-up of scar tissue that causes Peyronies – without surgery!

Get your sex life back on track. Cambridge offers a new, non-invasive Peyronies treatment that is showing great promise in overcoming Peyronies. Call us at 800 333-1980 and speak to a male staff member about conquering Peyronies.



Personal Testimonial

Testimonial of treatment after Prostatectomy

I am in my late fifties and for the last several years I have been dealing with ED problems of varying degrees. At my annual physical I asked my personal physician what I should do. He convinced me I did not have a problem. The more I thought about it, I decided to obtain some ED medication from the Internet (I would not recommend it).

Two months after my annual physical, I noticed what I felt like a hard mass in my penis. Eventually my penis was curving unnaturally to my and my wife's alarm. Convinced I had cancer, I made an appointment with my doctor. He said I had Peyronies and he referred me to a urologist. The urologist confirmed the diagnosis but offered only surgery as an option to remove the plaque. The down side was the surgery could make the condition worse because of scarring. This was not an option for me.

A few months ago I was cruising the Internet and googled Peyronies. I immediately dismissed the so-called natural cures and mechanical straightening devices. It did also refer me to Cambridge Medical Clinic for Men. I made an appointment and decided to try the Verapamil cream. I liked that it was not invasive and just needed to be applied topically twice a day. Over the past three months the curvature has lessened and the plaque is smaller. The plaque that remains is definitely softer. Encouraged by the results, I will continue treating for another three months. Applying the cream twice a day for three months is not a burden and has just become part of my routine. Cambridge was the only source I have found that offered realistic solutions for the treatment of Peyronies and ED problems.

Gil G.

St. Louis, MO